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Hotel: Dalian Leewan Hotel
Location: No. 8, Democracy Square, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China.
Traffic: Dalian Leewan Hotel is adjacent to the CBD of Dalian City, only 3 minutes' drive from the railway station and sea passenger terminal, 20 minutes' drive from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport.



Dalian is a place where you can find natural scenes of stunning beauty, amiable climate, stylish architecture, comfortable beaches and summer tourist resorts. The gardens and circuses everywhere are good decorations of the city. Along the southern coast, a road like a jade ribbon runs among the mountains and along the sea, threading through the scenic spots of Bangchui Island, Tiger Beach, Fujia Village, Baiyunshan Park, and Xinghai Park.To the southwest of the city, there are worldly famous Lushunkou.Taiyanggou (Sun Valley), and Baiyu Mount (White Jade Mount) and natural wonders such as the Snake Island and the Sea Cat Island. To the north of the city, there is the Golden Pebble Beach Holiday Resort, where one can see typical sea-corroded landscape and landform of coastal cast, and the Almighty’s master piece----the unique "turtle-shell rocks." In Dalian there is also the Bingyu Valley's scenery attractions in the north of the Zhuanghe city, which boasts soothing green mountains and clear rivers.


Tiger Beach

There is a touching folklore about Tiger Beach. It is a love story about a hunter and a beautiful girl. They fell in love at first sight. A tiger demon lusted after the charming of the girl and possessed her. The hunter vowed to take his lover back. After a fierce battle, the hunter killed the tiger, but he lost his fair lady forever. Now in Tiger Beach Park, people still could find tiger cave and sharply-cut rocks.


Star-Sea Park

Star-Sea Park is an 800-meter long, bow-shaped bathing beach. Black reefs scatter over the bay, appear indistinctly as the tide waves leap. It is a good place for bathing, swimming, diving, camping, boating, fishing and barbecuing.


Ice Valley

Ice Valley attracts visitors with its unique landscape. The charming scenes are as intriguing as the famous Stone Forest and as delicate as Guilin Scenery with hills and waters. Legend tells Lee Shimin, a Tang Dynasty emperor, led his expedition and stopped in the valley in spring time. He was surprised to see that outside the valley was a world of green woods and colorful flowers whereas inside the valley was a space of ice and snow. The emperor named the place of wonder "Ice Valley".